I have just recently came across to a blog where I have found the description of my entry title. It made me wondered a little bit regarding the forming effects of the digital world.

This description introduces the forming effects of improving technologies in the online context which has an influential outcome on the self and emerges some kind of identity crisis. Being an extrovert online and showing the distinctive introverted personality traits in the real world implies the existence of an undescribed boundary. The maintenance of this boundary is completely up to the individual; choosing to rely on their real identities or staying in an anonymous state as well as practicing a different form of behaviour with regards to self-presentation.

It is easy to admit that the Internet is an enormous place for self-expression and its digital platforms provide different types of interactions. In terms of online context, Introverts are free to decide their own term of engagement outside their primary social environment which basically requires some form of structured interaction. This can possibly be a pressure for people who are literally “in their head’s” most of the time. That is the reason why the term “anonymity” provides a suitable form of online existence for Introverts who would like to exploit their maximum potential without risking the possibly awkward recognition of their primary social circle.


It is worthwhile to consider the role of creativity regarding the anonym online context. Having known that anonymity enables people to operate in a virtual world without no exact rules and boundaries, it is safe to admit that this kind of blossoming environment is the basic root of creativity. Staying unknown can function as a motivational factor with its unrestricted form of possibilities which is beneficial for the ones whose primary goal is to save face.

Under these circumstances, I have started my own English blog 3 years ago as an anonym Introvert. As time has passed, I have received enough positive feedbacks and some enquiries regarding my non existent “About me” section so it clearly showed that I haven’t been judged. It literally boosted my confidence to be proud of my own emotional brand so I no longer continued my blog without a name. I have never liked writing about personal happenings in my own virtual space, however, I have let others know what is really going on in the wild woods of my soul.

Of course in the beginning, I just wanted to escape from the real world and build a digital space for myself like a defending shelter but my goal has continuously changed with regards to the blogosphere. I have just realized recently that the digital frontier between my real and online self is not too strict to be able to split my personality as I treated my online participation as a creative self-extension and not a separate form of existence in another world. And that is why I have come to the following conclusion:

As beautiful as anonymity may seem in the online context regarding the enormous amount of possibilities of creative self-expression, it can never function as a suitable substitute of true self-extension. Chronicling your most remarkable theories in the digital world can only be true if you have the courage to create a distinctive framework for your writing with revealing your invaluable personality as it adds more value to your online brand.

Having known that my long-term goal is to conduct some kind of social experiments regarding my special writing called Outside the Bud, I am keen to discover several kinds of methods to enhance my theories further. I am particularly interested in the behavioural patterns of Introverts in the digital world as well so it is not a surprise if I admit that I would like to invest more time and energy in this issue.