Things which can be figured out easier will soon have a vividly grey shade for us as it is not needed to think them further. On the contrary, complex things create a deep thought-flowing process in us and can activate our brain’s excitement factor – which should always be the goal of any creative artwork.

H. R. Giger who just recently passed away at the age of 74 was obviously able to accomplish this goal with his genuine contribution to the art world. The swiss artist has become famous with his weird design of the Alien movie which has made a downright disturbing effect on millions of people. However, he has created much more than that.


As far as I am concerned, I have always been attracted to complex things which basically means that it is a must to wonder about the hidden meaning.
I was a member of a writing circle in my country a couple of years ago and I clearly remember the day when I have got my first task. There was a painting exhibition in a small hotel in Budapest and the leader of the circle asked me to write a poem about a particular country painting. I have found this task a little bit daunting as country images for me are way too hard to annotate as the seen things are quite obvious and it is really difficult to grasp the enormity of the seen facts. In my opinion, an artwork should never be too obvious as it kills the excitement of the thirsty act of discovery.


This problem would never happen in terms of H. R. Giger’s work as it possesses the basic illogical attributes of a surrealist art. And these unusual visionary ideas are the ones that can force us to wonder and figure out what is going on deep down.

His work can be defined as a rare and genuine combination of dreadfulness and sweet erotics and this strange contradiction is indeed the great beauty of it.