Chess has always been the center of attention of science regarding its enthralling effects on human thinking and is indeed a serious dose of inspiration for artists.

People in my environment knows that I rather quiet than bubbly so whenever I open my mouth it means that I have something important to tell or ask. Maybe that is the reason why I am deeply attracted to this silent logic game where your steps are literally speaking instead of – and about – you.

It has been statistically proven that the white wins the majority of the games simply because its advantage with the very first step. However, I would argue with this statistic as I am usually playing with the black on my phone and I am regularly beating the computer – I know its not the same as playing with a human being but I don’t really have a partner who would like to take part in this intellectual game.

What fascinates me really is the initiative-reaction parallel which is able to make my creative juices flowing in terms of Outside the bud. I mean, the goal of the game is to checkmate your opponent – and the way to achieve this task is indeed an art.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the famous Hungarian professor who spent years on researching his innovative principle of Flow, said that if we would like to create something new which has never existed before, learning the particular field in a thorough way has to be our paramount principle. And then, when the basic lessons have been properly learnt, our own visions and initiatives have to be added to the picture creating a more productive outcome.


In chess, it is quite obvious that we need to be aware of the basic rules, however, the art of chess is indeed to smuggle creativity into the strict aspect of this game. Starters usually play in a defensive way which is indeed a hindrance of exploiting the creative functions of the brain. Being a passive participant on the black&white board literally kills the chance to challenge your opponent. On the other hand, taking initiative and forcing your partner to be reactive rather than an active participant in the game is the only way to win. Being in charge and thinking ahead more steps in a cautious way basically requires us to get out of our comfort zones…

So it is not a surprise if I admit that this game is an invaluable raw material for Outside the Bud so I will carry on playing and examining my thinking will be my biggest task in the next couple of months.