Spending some time in the sunshine at Box Hill, Surrey was something I needed now more than most. I usually work on Saturdays but I just gave a day off for myself because of the great weather. For a big dose of inspiration, the book, Writing Away was with me and I was thinking about what nuances I can capture and preserve around myself in the nature. But the blunt truth is that I am not good in chronicling the basic attributes of nature in a high-toned way, so writing about the gentle touch of the wind and the song of the crickets in the grass is literally not my strength.

I am not a highly experienced person in terms of traveling like Lavinia Spalding, but since I live in London I had some realizations about the forming effects of leaving our familiar environment. Wherever we travel, wherever we relocate, one thing remains the same: our inner barriers, the never learnt lessons, the insurmountable obstacles that we are carrying with ourselves to everywhere. Chances are that a new environment won’t reveal these things for a short period of time creating exciting experiences, but as the new becomes a well-known routine, we will soon face the problems what we haven’t solved in the past.

suitcase-book-travelI always had a theory that it is not necessary to make something happen in the outside to be inspired or to create something special. However, it does not mean that it cannot be a raw material in our creative process. Sometimes my most precious writings were born in the complete silence when I was just standing still and focused entirely on my thoughts rather than relying on the spur of the moment happenings. But soon I realized that in terms of my e-book about the comfort zone, it is a must to not live just inside my head but to deliberately force myself to do something in the outside and let my senses overflow with the help of the new experiences. Being unmoved and calm is still something I most need in order to capture and understand the world around myself but this has to be changed in the future if I really like to widen my horizons and enrich my e-book with meaningful insights. In parallel, conducting various kinds of experiments in terms of social interactions will be my major task in order to spice my current comfort zone up with more productive attributes.