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Due to the famous Hungarian professor, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the prerequisite to create something innovative is to learn the particular field in a profound way where you would like to add value to. And then, if the core lessons have been learnt, spice the classic issues up with your genuine realizations.

Creativity based on a more than 20 years long research where the major raw materials were the profound interviews with managers, actors, artists and psychologists. The book covers the basic principles of creativity including the psychological process of creative achievements and it literally captures the major personality traits of a creative person. Most importantly, the author increases this special experience with some proven tips on how to unlock our full potential and facilitate our creative ideas in terms of daily activities.originalWhat I found really interesting is as the way the author introduced the professional life of a painter. He wasn’t successful in the beginning and just experienced setbacks given by the professional circle who judged on him in a downright harsh way. That was the point when the author emphasized the blunt truth that a success of an artwork highly depends on the artistic maturity and the ‘think outside the box’ approach of the judging professional circle. Knowing this issue, the painter has finally found another experts who ‘got his message’ in terms of his artwork, so he soon became famous.

I highly recommend this book for everyone who deals with something creative and keen to stand out from the so-called average. This interesting research about creativity enhanced with nourishing attributes is able to maintain your enthusiasm in the competition of creating something innovative.