There is something uplifting and downright coaxing about entering to a book store. The bookcovers wink at you and invite you to an inspiring journey: the classical covers just stand still in a moderate way on the shelves while the naughty ones are trying to seduce you with their extremely vivid and sensuous feature. The abstract covers are also competing to win your undivided attention catching your eyes with their artistic attribute in a fraction of a second. So the demand is absolutely rich and writers definitely try to convince us with the help of the covers but the main thing is essentially the discovery of the content.

As far as I am concerned, I like to be influenced by an enthralling bookcover but the main thing for me is to check what can be found in a book that I would be able to benefit from, so I am figuratively context sensitive. I spend most of my spare time at book stores seeking something interesting that functionates as an inspiring tool for my thirsty soul. Sometimes I start reading the books that catch my eyes and I just find that while the thoughts are quite interesting, I am not able to benefit from all of the chapters. That is the reason why I don’t like ordering any books from the web without knowing the main contents and the main purpose of the book. Going to a store and turning the pages is not just an obsession of mine, but an effective habit to figure out which ones are able to engage my whole attention and able to inspire me further to gain more thoughts about a particular issue.

egeszsegIn these occasions I try observing myself. While I am in this exciting process and reading the pages I deliberately observe how the book is able to give me more thoughts and watch out whether the writing is able to take me away from my own reality to a different place where the writer’s and my thoughts can merge into a new insight.

But in the last year, there was an exception. I was desperately searching for Lavinia Spalding’s book, called Writing Away, what is dealing with travel journaling. The blunt truth is that I wanted to buy it for a long time but unfortunately, it cannot be found in the bookstores, so I had to take some risks and order it from the web. It was completely out of my comfort zone but I ordered it and finally, after one year planning, it is in my hands at the moment.

I just started reading it and just realized that its not mainly about travelling and journaling but an entirely different experience. It deals with the pscyhological aspects of our journeys and the way we experience it. Most importantly, the writer describes some aspects that entirely change our rigid and obsolete thinking and shows the path to the ultimate creativity. I just finished with the first chapter, but I started to feel that this woman inspires me so much and her thoughts are spiced with genuine grandiosity. I have new ideas about my ebook in terms of Introversion&The Comfort Zone, so in the end, finishing this book will definitely be a beneficial experience. So out of my comfort zone, there was a special reward again…