Would you be able to describe how the sun looks like to a computer program who has never seen that wonderful phenomenon before? How would you do that?

One of my favourite films, Tron (1982) was dealing with the question that what happens if the created world turns against the creator and shows a new aspect of the computer world which was a very new and odd issue in the beginning of the 80’s. I remember, that I have seen this film when I was a child – because it was one of the favourite films of my Dad – and I didn’t understand so much. As the years passed I have realized that this film wasn’t made for children.

In 2010 the story was continued by the release of the new version called Tron Legacy. It is not essential to know the old version because the new film is a new story but with the old actors – fortunately.

Kevin Flynn – Jeff Bridges -, the creator of the digital frontier and the head of the biggest IT company, called Encom just disappears one day and nobody finds him. His son, Sam starts searching for his father and he finds himself landing into a digital world where he is treated like a program like anybody else and the problems just start to occur when it becomes obvious that he is indeed a user not a program…

To be frank, I don’t like cinema so much, I prefer watching movies at home, but in case of this film my priorities have been changed because of the special effects and the wonderful music. So I have seen this film 5 (!) times in the cinema in Hungary, firstly in IMAX, and I have successfully taken my Dad to the cinema as well in order to give him a new experience in connection with his favourite film and I was waiting for the DVD for a half year just like an obsessed child.

Not just the effects are interesting but the story as well that is spiced with lots of emotions which are mainly rooted in the „father and son encounter” after so many years. This touching line has been enhanced by the special music which was made by the famous electronic music band, Daft Punk. Since the first watch I always have goosebumps if I hear this excellent music from them…After the first, IMAX experience, it was a special feeling to know how does it feel when I am just in a created world and I have to return to my ordinary life. The music was in my head on the way home and was hard to sleep cause I was impressed so much.

Another interesting issue in the film is that the character of Clu is indeed Jeff Bridges who has acted this role as well with a special camera on his head so his facial gestures have been perfectly copied and modified by computer effects which has led to a younger looking version of him.

Of course, the end of the story has not been closed so the continuation just depends on the viewer’s imagination…