Have you ever wondered that escaping from your current situation could probably be an efficient way to realise something more important within yourself? Are you aware of the presence of your allegedly defending but indeed limiting system, called the comfort zone? Whether or not, it’s time to experience the ultimate freedom…

Into the Wild is an enthralling – and indeed a true – story about the insane experience-gathering activity in our path, accompanied by the solely measurement in the nature. From another aspect, it is treated as a harsh criticism of our materialist society. I have seen this story first in film and it has made a wonderful impression on myself. This outstanding experience has been dramatically increased by the English book what I got from one of my last boyfriends.

The main character of the story is a young man, called Chris McCandless, who wasted his time for attending universities just because of his parents’ desire. He was one of the best students in the university with excellent subject results, but he always felt that he is not a true participant of the American, permanent money-seeker society. He was an introverted person who really liked reading deep writings and poems in connection with real life and his own thought-flowing processes were also treated as an important evidence of his special soul identity.

One day, Chris decided to step out from the not-so-emotional society which was not able to give him the mostly wanted happiness, and burning his documents without any deep fear and regret, he immediately went to explore the never-ending unknown. He always wanted to measure himself in a natural venue and fight a lonely battle with the “rock” without any possible help. During his path, there were a lot of people who made a deep impression on the boy, but he didn’t want to say stop to his adrenalin-seeker personality and went ahead to find the highest level of measurement and freedom. But soon he realized that something that he had discovered to be valuable is only able to give him the highest level of joy if he can share it with someone whom he loves the most. The realization was so vivid, that’s why Chris had to fight with the nature again, just on his own to fulfill his own duty.

This film is highly recommended for everyone who doesn’t accept the pressure of our always-thirsty society that forces us to play a particular role in its superficial show-off parade.

This precious, once-in-a-lifetime journey with this guy indicates a highly sophisticated form of self-awareness – which cannot be available without an unlimited amount of honesty. Bear in mind, that every single nuances about self-recognition that you are going to gain from this movie were already within you, waiting desperately to be revealed and taken into account.